Legislation to strengthen mining regulations

Legislation has recently been introduced in the Minnesota legislature to  strengthen the state’s financial assurance regulations. These rules govern the “damage deposit” that mining companies are required to provide before mining.

The legislation would make common sense, necessary changes to close loopholes and protect our water, fish and wildlife, and our tax dollars. Take action immediately to support the financial assurance regulations. Here’s everything you need:

  1. Enter your address and find out who represents you here: http://www.gis.leg.mn/mapserver/districts/
  2. Call or e-mail your representative and senator and ask them to support:

It will only take you a minute or two and could make the difference between this bill even getting a committee hearing or being beaten back by powerful mining interests. Please contact your legislators today!

What exactly does the bill do? Here are the highlights:

  1. Requires financial assurance to be discussed in the environmental review
  2. Protects us from corporate shell games and hold companies who profit from mines responsible for clean-up
  3. Improve government transparency when setting and adjusting financial assurance
  4. Mandates that long-term water treatment be covered in calculations
  5. Requires the DNR to consult with financial experts in other agencies

Read the bill itself if you’re interested in the rest of the details. Please, contact your legislators right now.