Sulfide mining in the news

PolyMet mine splits Iron Range
Justin Mattson, a Hoyt Lakes area chemistry teacher, and Steve Koschak, a nearby resort owner, have conflicting views of the mining proposals.  “Water is what we have to offer, it’s what sustains us, it’s what Ely is all about,” Steve said. Duluth News Tribune, December 6, 2009

The DNR leaves out public debate at mining project meetings
“What good is a public meeting if the public can’t speak publicly?”  This format of this week’s informational meetings limit the chance for Minnesotans to question the DNR and publicly discuss the sulfide mining issue.  The DNR will present their findings on the environmental impacts of the project and provide stenographers to record individual opinions. Star Tribune, December 9, 2009

Public meeting for PolyMet sparks debate
Both opponents and supporters gathered to comment on PolyMet’s sulfide mining proposal.  “Based on the nature of those comments, the EIS could change significantly.  And public input is exactly what the DNR wants.” Fox 21 News, December 9, 2009

In first public meeting, jobs dominate mining debate
Close to one thousand people gathered at Mesabi East High School in Aurora to comment on the PolyMet mining proposal.  Regional labor organizations, area chambers of commerce, and communities sent delegations to express their support.  Others oppose the project, one attendee saying, “I just feel like sulfide mining is a mistake for the state of Minnesota. I think that our water has to come first.” Minnesota Public Radio, December 10, 2009