Minnesota Public Radio covers the film

We’re very pleased that Minnesota Public Radio published an article about “Precious Waters” today:

While PolyMet’s project could be a concern, there are many other sulfide mining projects that could come up in the near future, and the film is focused more on the overall issue of sulfide mining, said Paul Danicic, executive director of Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

“This really is trying to lay the groundwork, whether it’s the PolyMet project, or it’s legislation or it’s future projects, we just want people to pay attention to what’s going on,” Danicic said. “The film is an attempt to start a conversation and build awareness.”

The article emphasizes that, though this film project was a costly undertaking, it received support from a diverse coalition of small businesses and citizen and environmental groups. A lot of people and organizations believed that such a film was needed to raise public awareness and inspire broad, informed public discussion, and they put their trust and confidence in the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness to produce the right film. They have our gratitude.

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